The Reading Room

As a resident of San Diego County for over 30 years and an educator who has worked in public and private schools as well as a local education software company, I have witnessed first-hand the literacy needs of the children who attend our local neighborhood schools. It is quite apparent that while our schools employ the very best teachers who are supported with on-going staff development programs, a burgeoning class size continues to challenge any good teacher! It is difficult to deliver daily, high-quality, individualized instructional plans to 36 children with 36 different learning styles, capabilities, interests, motivations, and family backgrounds! To add to this awesome responsibility is the fact that not all children come to school speaking English as their primary language! There can be no doubt that a teacher's task in this modern world requires prodigious skills in literacy development.

So, for me, what began as an after-school tutoring program that focused on teaching children how to read to enable them to read to learn has blossomed into The Reading Room™, a full-time business committed to helping people ages 4-Adult develop their literacy skills and improve their overall learning. For parents, The Reading Room™ is the place where their children can come to become successful readers, writers, and communicators in our complex world!


Three Dogs

Meet Cooper, The Reading Room's newest comfort canine.


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